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Heritage Partners’ Charlie Grebenstein and The Medicines Discovery Catapult’s Chris Molloy have collaborated to characterize a group of the key executives in emerging digital healthcare companies. The choice of companies was structured to include the major areas of focus in the industry and reflects our subjective view of a representative cross-section of current activity.

Administrative Systems and Cost Transparency

Administrative Systems and Cost Transparency group is the backbone of the healthcare delivery. It contains digital information and communication systems technology applied to administrative processes. It is crucial to all levels – the patient, the physician, the healthcare organization and society.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is a nascent field in healthcare, which enables insight from very large data sets. These analytical platforms/tools transform the way healthcare providers make informed decisions.

Personalized Medicine and Quantified-Self

Personalized Medicine uses the individual’s genetic profile to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. Personal genetic profile enables physicians to select case-based treatment, dosage, and regimen. It also enables patient engagement through personal data collection and even disease prevention.

Real-time Healthcare

Real time health monitoring technological solutions enable monitoring from the patient’s home. This technology addresses the healthcare systems’ pressure to reduce risks, hospitalizations, and readmissions. Its fast adoption is driven by mobile technology, simplicity of use, and the ability to share information between multiple stakeholders.

Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development & Deployment

Digital health R&D solutions address multiple issues across the spectrum of the drug discovery and deployment processes. These technologies also enable the phenotyping of patient population and, in some cases, play a crucial role in evidence-based clinical research competing with the standard molecular biomarkers.

The Digital Healthcare Timeline

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